Recently I bought a cheap DMM because I currently live in two places in sweden and did not have any equipment in my apartment where I work. I found a cheap DMM, Uni-UT61D, with both USB and Serial connection.

I was thinking of connecting this DMM to my Mac and/or Linux (Raspberry Pi) but no drivers (as usual) was provided, so this project is about being able to use the Uni-UT61D as a datalogger and also display values on other computers than Windows.

I found a lot of links to this range of DMM’s (UT61A/B/C/D/E) on the net, mostly information about the other DMMs and not the UT61D which I have, they are not compatible with each other but more similar than different.

The UT61D is ussing following connection properties

DCB: 2400 baud, 8.1, None, DTR + RTS
Package: Length 14, Total Timeout: 1000, Mark: "\ r \ n", NOT ready
Funktioner: LCD-displayen visar inledande nollor (till skillnad från andra UNI-Trend)