How to fail with agile and avoid common mistakes.

45-90 minutes long presentation about pitfalls and common mistakes that can happen when implementing Agile. To know the problem gives you the tools to avoid it.

Kompetensbio - Stockholm
“Competence Cinema with Webstep (formally known as Diversify)” – November 17, 2015

Kompetensbio - Malmö
“Competence Cinema with Diversify” – November 28, 2013

How to fail with Agile

The original “How to fail with agile and avoid common mistakes.”, the presentation is 120 min long. Was part of a 2 day course on Agile, but on popular demand converted to a standalone presentation

2 days course on Agile (Scrum and development)

* Introduction to Scrum/XP
* Product Owner and Stake holders
* Scrum Master
* Team
* Organizational issues
* Estimation (different methods cons/pros)
* User Stories
* How to fail with agile
* How to build a team
* Communication (plans, problems, project, and between roles)
* Developer culture
* How to hold a stand-up
* How to direct meetings
* Some games to learn to handle different situations.

SOLID Principles (Objekt oriented design).

Presentation about the SOLID Principles, 2 x 45 min

Distributed Source Control Management Tools

  • GIT/Mercurial 60 min x 2

Intro to Scrum

An introduction to Scrum. Trying to answer the questions: How does it work, what is scrum and what is it not? Some workshops can be added for discussions and how to direct meetings.

  • Fast introduction 60-90 min
  • Incl. workshops 240 min

Intro to Kanban

A fast introduction to Kanban. How it works, what it solves, and when to use it. 60 min – 120 min.

Inception deck

99% of all project that fails, fails due to poor communication. Inception Deck can give you a structured way to keep everybody in sync and provide the right information when needed to different stake holders.

Team Work

How do you get the most out of intellectual work, how can you get your team more motivated and take bigger responsibility.

Moderator (discussion forum)

I love meetings, I think they could be really interesting and exciting. I have been working with different types of meeting processes to gather information or starting a culture for people to learn from each other. I am also very interested of structuring ordinary meetings, a book called “Death by Meeting” by Patric Lencioni inspired me a lot in this area.
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