ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz Audio & Video Transmitter – FatShark compatible (600mw)


Thanks to its clever design, this 600mW 5.8Ghz transmitter puts out very little heat, keeping the heatsink and overall size very small.This transmitter is compatible with the Fat Shark RCV922 or similar camera and is also an ideal plug-n-play upgrade for the Fat Shark 5.8ghz 100mw FPV system.

* 600mW (28dBm, +/- 1dB) of clean output power
* SMA Antenna connector, with supplied 5.8GHz antenna.
* Frequencies: 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860MHz
* Fully compatible with 2.4GHz R/C radios
* On-board quiet switching regulator, powers 5v cameras (including HD versions)

* Weight: 18 grams Size: 50 x 23mm
* Input voltage range: 7-25v
* Camera Power Supply: 300mA/5v
* Video Input: 1Vpp, 75 Ohms