Weight without cables is just 5 gram!
These ESC’s are deliver with BLHeli version 13.1 en Damped light activated.
The SN series is an OPTO ESC. This means that you will need your own 5 volt bec to power your flightcontroller. Have a look at our Pololu stepdowns.

Signal frequency:20-500Hz
Outout PWM frequency:18KHz
Application: Compatible with SimonK & BLHeli 13.1

Specially for Multi-copter, throttle respond fast;
Suit for throttle, which can compatible well with motor;
Throttle signal is twisted pair cable, reduce the crosstalk while the signal transfer by the copper wire and flight more stable;
The maximum refresh frequency up to 500Hz throttle signal, compatible with all flight controls;
Use new process ultra-low resistance MOSFET with miniaturization, and all flashes are N MOS with high withstanding current;
Minaturization design, SN30A, weight reduce to 5g (11 gram with cables) also already thicken the PCB copper specially and low heat for small aircraft.

Important notice! ESC’s are not protected against reverse polarity. Doing so will almost certainly cause irreparable damage.