I bought a 100W LED just for fun, but I had a project in mind to build a video- and photo light but I never got around to it. But I got inspired when I saw a youtube video where a guy built a L.E.D torch with a 100W L.E.D and a pc cooler, and I thought -“I have all these things, lets make it” 🙂

Bill of Material

1 x 100W LED. 1 x CPU Cooler of choice. 1 x Switch (that can handle the 3 amp the LED is using). 2 x 1 meter 15x15mm / 1mm thick Aluminium profile, probably less if you are handy 🙂 1 x Minimum of 100W Constant Current Constant Voltage Boost Converter Step-up Power Module. A lot of screws (I used old PC screws that has been left over from builds through out the years). (Optional) A 3D printer for details when you run out of metal 😉


I had a big heat pipe laying around and they looks really nice. You can choose a smaller and it is sufficient to mount the LED on a ordinary sink. I didn’t even need the fan – but it cooled the hand really nice so I kept it 🙂


LED driver

I had a DC11-35V to 11-35V 10A Constant Current Constant Voltage Boost Converter Step-up Power Module which I think I bought when I ordered the LED. It’s small and you can set constant current and voltage, I used it with full voltage output (32-34 volts) and then trimmed the CC to 3A.
* Update: It seems to have hard time to deliver 100W, so I have replaced it with a 600W that I bought from eBay. It seems that it also run cooler than the first one. *


I first mounted the boost converters heatsink in the frame but it seemed to interfere with the converter so I 3D-printed two “isolators”.



Initially I just powered it with my Lab Power Supply and an old laptop power supply (19V 3,75A), I remembered that I had replaced a 12V acc that gave power to my diving lamp (50W HID), it still works but it is near end of life which I now use.


More 3D Printing

The first and biggest problem I had was how to mount the LED onto the cooler since the cooler was smaller, I first found some plates of aluminium that I thought I would use, but since I don’t have my CNC router in the apartment I choose to 3D print a LED holder which pushes the LED against the heat pipe.




I also 3D printed the handle that also holds the on/off switch. You can find all the STL files on Thingiverse