My ReadyNAS NV+ threw in its towel yesterday and was completely dead :S

I removed the electronics to see if there were something that looked strange like a bad capacitor or burn marks.


But it all looked fine, so my prime suspect was the PSU.


At the first look the old PSU had a standard ATX connector (20 pins) but I noticed that some of the colors didn’t match and it looked like that they had changed the blue and white cable (-12 and -5) for +12v. Before I tried to change the -12 and -5 volts to 12 volts I did some google-fu I actually found a schema over the modified ATX power connector, on Netgears support pages… who knew? 🙂 Skärmavbild 2016-08-12 kl. 22.07.15 PSU Pinout

After snip..snip..snip I had a temporary PSU with the correct pinouts.


After have plugged the connector and mounted everything back in the case, the moment of truth was coming. It didn’t start on the first or second push of the button, but on the third everything started up and ReadyNAS started the boot process. Strange but I am just happy that it started 🙂 IMG_0290

Whats next?

The ReadyNAS has served me well for several years, I think it is time to upgrade and get a faster and more powerful NAS. The NAS works but the ATX PSU was ripped from an old computer and is almost as big as the NAS itself. I hate to throw away things that work, so maybe it will turn up in a project in the future.